This Trenton Life

2014 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Nominee for Outstanding Education Feature

Teens from Trenton ask whether the troubled city holds any promise for their future in a new play created with Passage Theatre Company, and performed in the revitalized Gandhi Garden. The Gandhi Garden was created in a vacant lot on Hanover Street by the SAGE Coalition, a group of street artists dedicated to the beautification of Trenton. “This Trenton Life” was performed in June 2013 by Trenton Central High School students and graduates from the high school’s drama club. State of the Arts talks to Shadura Lee, Jascynt Tulloch, Tamara Parker, and Unique Crawford, all of whom had just finished their freshman year in college. Also interviewed are David Lee White, the Associate Artistic Director of Community Programming at Passage Theatre and the director of “This Trenton Life,” and Melissa Wyatt, supervisor of the drama club.

David Lee White of Passage Theatre

David Lee White of Passage Theatre

Produced by Susan Wallner.

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